You choose the feature you want in your Movement Planner and CFlex builds it for you!


CFlex has been increasingly investing in turning the CFlex Movement Planner into a more robust railway network planning support tool, and increasing its compliance with market requirements. Being flexible and agile to meet the clients’ basics and specific needs is one of the most distinguished features of the CFlex Movement Planner.

Every day we encounter demands for improvement of a specific feature or the need for something new. For that reason, the CMP has gone through a modularization process to allow clients with different needs to have customized solutions.

The modularization, a concept from information technology, contributes to several solution improvements: its modular division – which has more easily readable code – is simple to maintain, has better performance, and, more importantly, is structured to absorb new modules that may eventually be required by new clients’ demands.

From now on, the CMP will be better prepared to meet the clients’ needs when they say, “I want a feature that does that”, and this demand will be met in a short period of time, without causing any issues to the CMP or its existing features.

Some benefits of this new step for the CMP are:

  • The client can choose the necessary CMP feature to add more value to using the railway network traffic planning solution;
  • CMP increases its ability to quickly and orderly meet clients’ unique needs;
  • Each feature can be easily removed or added, with low implementation risk. This allows us to share with other clients a specific feature developed for another client;
  • The client will be able to choose a feature from our portfolio, or none at all, with no impact on the final result;
  • Each new feature requested by the client is developed and incorporated to the CMP without any changes to the solution main structure.

With this new step, the CMP consolidates its position as a solution that widely meets the market needs.

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