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CFlex has been increasingly investing in turning the CFlex Movement Planner into a more robust railway network planning support tool, and increasing its compliance with market requirements. Being flexible and agile to meet the clients’

How to react to disruptions on a railroad?


Rail transport systems are prone to experience delays and incidents that generate impact on the trains’ traffic. Furthermore, railroads have a great amount of interconnected variables that amplifies the chance of something going wrong. Indeed,

New functionalities added to CMP


With a continuous evolution process, CFlex Movement Planner – a real time train circulation planning solution – now has new functionalities. They include:   •             Visual graphic moving: allows the user to navigate through the

CMP version upgrade process accomplished at MRS Logística


As a user of the CFlex Movement Planner since 2012, MRS Logística continually updates to the latest software version in order to maintain this is the state-of-the-art solution. Having completed the most recent update process,

CFlex submits to Fapesp a request of support


Within the continuous evolution process of CFlex Movement Planner (CMP), the first phase of the Project “Planning Train Circulation Based on Meta-Planning” was developed in 2014. This Project aims at giving CMP one more level


CFlex starts the updating process of CFlex Movement Planner version at FTL


In early 2015 CFlex shall make available to Ferrovia Transnordestina Logística – FTL for homologation its newest version of the CFlex Movement Planner (CMP). With that, FTL will count on a product offering the user

CFlex presents the new CMP feature


When visiting CFlex on November 11, 2014, representatives of Carajás Railroad (Estrada de Ferro Carajás – EFC (Vale)), had the opportunity to get to know the concepts of the new feature of CFlex Movement Planner

CFlex presents the CFlex Movement Planner at a meeting with BHP


As an integral part of the process “Signaling & Scheduling Expression of Interest (EOI)” promoted by BHP, CFlex presented a demonstration of its product for planning of real-time train circulation, the CFlex Movement Planner, in

Ferromex sends Service Order for conducting the Trial of CFlex Movement Planner


Proceeding to the negotiations for conducting a trial of the CFlex Movement Planner at the Operational control Center of Ferromex in Guadalajara/Mexico, CFlex received formally the Service Order to begin work on 10/13/2014. The information

New decision-making layer incorporated into CFlex Movement Planner.


To overcome CFlex Movement Planner’s (CMP) processing limits and improve the basic planning algorithm’s decision-making capacity, CFlex has designed and implemented a new mechanism called Adaptive Engine (AE), which is a an additional layer of

CFlex and Ferromex close to undertaking a trial with CFlex Movement Planner.


Proceeding with the previously established contacts with Ferromex, in September 2013 CFlex held a CFlex Movement Planner solution demonstration, a tool for real time railway traffic planning. That event counted on the participation of operational

CFlex meets technicians at CSX.


Based on a partnership with International Engineering in the United States, CFlex started the first contacts with CSX Transportation ( – one of North America’s Class I railway networks – and throughout the last few

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