New decision-making layer incorporated into CFlex Movement Planner.


To overcome CFlex Movement Planner’s (CMP) processing limits and improve the basic planning algorithm’s decision-making capacity, CFlex has designed and implemented a new mechanism called Adaptive Engine (AE), which is a an additional layer of intelligence over the basic algorithm (CMP’S central train circulation planning core).


The Adaptive Engine was developed in order to enable greater adherence to some specifics of our clients’ train circulation management operations. With it is possible to establish pre- or post-processing rules, by adjusting the basic algorithm’s behavior in real time, without affecting CMP’S reliability, availability and efficiency as a whole.


That line of work enables exploring scenarios where conflicts between rules might need to be adjusted, by analyzing the best rule execution order, in addition to building rule description languages that might be more natural to users, which after that are processed and may be translated into those rules’ internal execution mechanism..

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