Ferromex sends Service Order for conducting the Trial of CFlex Movement Planner


Proceeding to the negotiations for conducting a trial of the CFlex Movement Planner at the Operational control Center of Ferromex in Guadalajara/Mexico, CFlex received formally the Service Order to begin work on 10/13/2014.

The information for registration and configuration of CFlex Movement Planner has been sent by Ferromex. The expectation is that the installation in the Control Center of Guadalajara and the period for use by Ferromex is concluded in January 2015.

Ferromex (www.ferromex.com.mx/) – Ferromex it is the largest rail operator in Mexico, both in terms of geographical range – about 71% of the surface area of the country and almost 80% of the commercial and industrial area in Mexico – such as fleet, providing mainly general cargo services and multimodal rail services.

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