Movement Planner

A Brazilian company founded in 1996 as a Softex 2000 Project spin-off, an agency created by the University of Campinas
to support the emergence of high technology companies in the software for export segment.

It is specialized in the development of Decision Support Systems, and it uses artificial intelligence and
optimization techniques to offer unique and innovative solutions to our clients.

As a real time train circulation planning solution provider, it currently counts on that
tool’s largest installed user base in the world.




CFlex’s officers have deep knowledge and practical experience in railway activities, including operation,
maintenance and management in the business.

In addition to a team comprising highly qualified professionals, and personnel holding Master’s and Doctorate
research and development degrees
, CFlex also counts on partnerships with consultants and
renowned research institutions

Luis Elesbão de Oliveira Neto (Presidente)

A CFlex partner. He has more than 20 years of executive experience with general cargo and heavy-haul railways, having acted as Director of Operations at Brasil Ferrovias S.A., Operations Superintendent at MRS Logística S.A., and General Operation and Maintenance Manager at Vale S.A. He holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Business Administration and Strategic Finance at Mackenzie University/SP.

Carlos Eduardo F. Carneiro (Vice-presidente)

A CFlex partner. A Civil Engineer, with MBA in Business Marketing and Administration At the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, with more than 20 years of experience with general cargo and heavy-haul railways, having acted as Director of Operations at MRS Logística S.A. and Transnordestina Logística S.A., and as General Operations Manager at Estrada de Ferro Carajás, Estrada de Ferro Vitória a Minas, and Ferrovia Centro Atlântica S.A., all of them railways owned by the Vale S.A. Group.


CFlex MPC counts on support of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) and Studies and Projects Financing Agency (FINEP, Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos), through the grant 2017/20520-0, for the Commercial Development of the CFlex Movement Planner and its component Meta-Planning Engine in the global market.

The opinions, assumptions and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this site are the sole responsibility of CFlex MPC and do not necessarily reflect the vision of FAPESP or FINEP.