CFlex registers for the Revista Ferroviária Award 2015


The Revista Ferroviária Award 2015 (“Prêmio Revista Ferroviária 2015”) is awarded by Revista Ferroviária, and aims at, by means of public recognition, encouraging companies and those responsible for them to increasingly search for efficiency and offer high quality products and services in the Brazilian metro-railway sector.

CFlex, in its registration, submitted its real time train circulation planning solution, the CFlex Movement Planner (CMP) that is nowadays installed in many domestic railways such as Estrada de Ferro Carajás, MRS Logística, Estrada de Ferro Vitória a Minas, Ferrovia Transnordestina Logística, Ferrovia Centro-Atlântica and Supervia in addition to railways in Australia (Rio Tinto), Argentina (Ferrosur) and Chile (Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado), thus contributing to improve operational results such as reductions of train stoppages, a better transit-time, more regularity, among others.

CMP was designed to have an important role within a Controle Center, as when generating railway planning it ends up by materializing the wishes and desires of all agents operating in the transportation process, always bearing in mind profits for the business as a whole.

Every year CFlex has been taking actions to expand its client portfolio and to be acknowledged as the best real time train circulation planning solution provider in the world. The international market, especially Mexico, USA and Canada, are the targets of the moment and the relationship with some potential clients is progressing well.

Revista Ferroviária ( launched on January 1940, the magazine is published by a private editor with regular circulation (every two months) and covers railway, metro system and metropolitan transportation systems in Brazil, being interest in the preservation of railway material of historical interest.

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