CFlex presents the new CMP feature


When visiting CFlex on November 11, 2014, representatives of Carajás Railroad (Estrada de Ferro Carajás – EFC (Vale)), had the opportunity to get to know the concepts of the new feature of CFlex Movement Planner (CMP) designed for studies of train circulation tactical planning. This feature is designed for railway engineering users. At that time, proof of concept of such feature in response to a demand of CMP users was presented.

Such feature being incorporated into CMP, the user may simulate the planning of train circulation in periods of 7 to 30 days, with information being collected “on line” from CMP installed in the production environment and/or information resulting from train programming and maintenance plans of railroad being fed as from a component generating messages integrated into the CMP.

Together with this new feature, CMP will also receive a component to generate the railway network that will allow user to alter the railway network for capacity studies and train schedules as related to the train program intended by the railroad.

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