CFlex participates in event with Fapesp and MATIMOP


CFlex attended the “FAPESP-MATIMOP Call for Proposals: Divulging and Question Answering” event held at the auditorium of the São Paulo State Research Foundation (Fapesp) on February 24, 2015. The aim was to present the call – which was the outcome of the cooperation agreement signed between Fapesp and the Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development (MATIMOP), and answer questions.


Israel is among the world’s leading research and development centers, trailing only the United States. Additionally, it has a free trade agreement with Brazil. New agreements, such as this one, for research and development, are being established with Brazil at both federal and state levels (in São Paulo, the intermediary is Fapesp itself).


MATIMOP ( The executive agency of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), of the Ministry of Economy of Israel, is charged with promoting cooperation in industrial R&D between Israeli and foreign enterprises, nurturing industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.

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