CFlex takes part in JRC2014.


CFlex took part as a lecturer in the JRC 2014 (Joint Rail Conference) event held in the United States, where it presented the article “AN HEURISTIC APPROACH TO TRAIN DISPATCH PLANNING”. The article is the result of the company’s efforts to develop its train circulation-planning algorithm based on the simulation of discreet events and heuristics, but it also brings forth a proposal for a second level of computational intelligence aiming at dealing with specific train circulation situations by adapting itself to every client’s operational environment.


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JRC (‎) – The Joint Rail Conference is one of the main multidisciplinary conferences dedicated to the railway sector in North America, covering all aspects of railway transportation and engineering research. The conference is a collaborative effort involving large cosponsoring organizations, and it was held in the city of Colorado Springs – CO in the United States at the start of April 2014.

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