CFlex Movement Planner

Real Time Train Circulation Planning Solution

CFlex Movement Planner is a real time train circulation planning solution, a mature and tested solution,
the result of more than 15 years of research and investments amounting to more than R$ 15 million.

Regardless of the railway’s profile, size or density, in less than 10 seconds
CFlex Movement Planner provides a high quality train circulation plan
and fully aligned with the business.

Developed in Brazil by a team of highly qualified technicians and researchers, with the participation
of railway experts with a vast experience in the railway sector.


CFlex Movement Planner has been designed based on a practical understanding of railway operation
rules and concepts. It’s therefore the union of modern research and development techniques
and practical experience in the business

Employed in many different markets, CFlex Movement Planner has a 90% share of the railway segment
in Brazil, in addition to Australia, Argentina and Chile
. It covers more than 35 thousand kilometers of
railway lines planned by using this solution. (See+)

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What can CFlex Movement Planner do for your company?


Assist by supporting
related to train
circulation planning.

Provide advice in real time
by simulating operational scenarios.


Provide high quality
train circulation plans
of the operational shift.



Represents a highly effective
way to increase the productivity
of your fixed assets, without having
to invest new engineering and
construction capital to maintain or
improve your operation performance

Helps your operation
make better decisions
in SECONDS – not minutes or hours



Dramatically expands your
operational “vision”
time and distance



Proven Benefits

Utilized by the largest companies in the railway transportation sector in Latin America and in many different parts of the world.


Increase in the average speed

based on the best railroad crossings.


Increase in energy efficiency

contributing to cut costs and to decrease the generation of greenhouse gases.


Increase in reaction capacity

in any operational scenario and in perfect alignment with the business


Greater regularity in the network

thus increasing train arrival predictability.


Greater productivity when managing queues at terminals

thus providing greater efficiency to loading and unloading operations



Greater Safety and Satisfaction

Characteristics such as simple and ease installation, user-friendly and intuitive interface and easily integrated into all the external
systems, allied to technical assistance services and a continuous evolution plan make CFlex Movement Planner a solution that
can be quickly and objectively tested and implemented in a control center


Installation is performed in stages with well-defined procedures, especially as regards
railway operation data collection and the exchange of information with the existing
systems in the control center.

With defined terms and resources, all the installation is performed through remote
and on-site activities at the client’s control center.

At the end of the installation, the solution will be ready for immediate use based on the training
provided to users.

Minimum installation requirements (See +)


We offer technical assistance services* contemplating a Help-desk to clear doubts on the system’s
utilization, Support to solve problems, and Training to users.

*After the warranty period, the above services may be provided
through a specific service provision contract between
the client and CFlex.


Help Desk Services: to clear users’ doubts on how to use CFlex Movement Planner available during normal working hours, from Monday thru Friday;


  Support Services*: to solve problems hindering CFlex Movement Planner’s correct functioning, with terms and conditions defined according to the service levels. Available 24/7.

To perform that service, CFlex counts on mechanisms that enable remote and real time monitoring of the availability of CFlex Movement Planner and of the environment in which it is operating, based on the company’s headquarters in Campinas, Brazil.

* This service may be provided by CFlex or by an accredited representative.

Training Services*: to provide support to users when using CFlex Movement Planner, being available for managers, technicians and operators (traffic planners and controllers).

* This service may be provided by CFlex or by an accredited representative.



Our Customer Service is available through a Call Center or an online Client Service Center.


CFlex Movement Planner counts on a permanent continuous evolution plan involving all
of its aspects, whether in terms of architecture, algorithms or functionalities. Researches are
permanently undertaken, and new techniques allowing for a better performance are being studied
and evaluated, always based on the new technologies available.

At every update, clients are informed on the possibility of using it and, once agreed,
an installation plan is established.

Another aspect to differentiate CFlex Movement Planner is its flexibility and agility
to incorporate specific functionalities for the clients.


CFlex MPC counts on support of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) and Studies and Projects Financing Agency (FINEP, Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos), through the grant 2017/20520-0, for the Commercial Development of the CFlex Movement Planner and its component Meta-Planning Engine in the global market.

The opinions, assumptions and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this site are the sole responsibility of CFlex MPC and do not necessarily reflect the vision of FAPESP or FINEP.