CFlex meets technicians at CSX.


Based on a partnership with International Engineering in the United States, CFlex started the first contacts with CSX Transportation ( – one of North America’s Class I railway networks – and throughout the last few months in addition to talks, some sessions were held through the Internet, included, in addition to the CFlex Movement Planner solution’s demonstration, technical discussions about the solution.

Proceeding with the sessions via web, on September 8th, CFlex together with International Engineering visited Jacksonville, Florida, to hold technical meetings with CSX’S team. At that time the CFlex Movement Planner solution was demonstrated to CSX’S Research & Development and Operational areas. During both forums, there were open discussions on the solution, its technical aspects in relation to Research & Development and also its functionalities in relation to the results provided by its use.

At the end of the meetings, the opportunity of undertaking a trial in a part of CSX’s network was discussed with CSX’S representatives. That trial, a period for CSX to use the solution and to utilize real operational data, should significantly contribute to confirm the solution’s efficacy.

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