CFlex and Ferromex close to undertaking a trial with CFlex Movement Planner.


Proceeding with the previously established contacts with Ferromex, in September 2013 CFlex held a CFlex Movement Planner solution demonstration, a tool for real time railway traffic planning. That event counted on the participation of operational managers from many different levels, and was held at Ferromex’s facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico.

At the end of the demonstration and after clearing eventual doubts on the solution’s functionalities, negotiations were started to undertake a trial of the solution in a stretch of Ferromex’s network, when the benefits of using CMP would be actually confirmed. The trial should be undertaken on a railway stretch, with territories partially signaled (controlled by CTC – Centralized Traffic Control) and partially not signaled (controlled by TWC – Track Warranty Control).

The realization of a trial is an excellent opportunity for potential clients to verify CFlex Movement Planner’s efficacy in stretches of their own network, thus being able to compare results after using the solution. After that trial period, companies’ decision has always been favorable towards acquiring CMP to extend its utilization to the remaining stretches of their railway networks.


Ferromex (‎) – Ferromex, a 50-year concession granted in mid 1997 to consortium Grupo Ferroviário Mexicano S/A – GFM (Grupo Mexico S.A. holding a 76% share and North American Union Pacific a 24% share) is the largest railway operator in Mexico, both in terms of geographic coverage – around 71% of that country’s surface, and servicing almost 80% of Mexican commercial and industrial areas – and of its fleet, mainly providing general cargo and multimodal services by train.

Ferromex’s railway network covers 8.110 km of tracks, connecting the largest Mexican cities, 5 cities along its border with the United States, 5 ports in the Pacific Ocean and 2 other ports in the Gulf of Mexico. To do that, it counts on a fleet with 631 locomotives and 14.617 wagons of many different kinds.

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